2. Workplace Wellness series - Episode 1: How to eat healthy at work



  4. 90:10 - The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress



  6. Take care of yourself during this Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

     the NSVRC

    This might seem a bit like cheating but during busy times it’s easy to forget that you need to stay charged and take time to replenish yourself. Many of us will be traveling during this month, working full days and long nights and supporting survivors in many various and important ways. Please remember that you, yes you, need some time to rest and reflect.

    If you are looking for any help at all about some self care or vicarious trauma resources this month or at any time please send us an email at resources@nsvrc.org. 

    Feel good


  7. Just a little reminder that you can discover new things even when they’ve been right in front of your face the whole time




  10. Take a breather with some calming sights and sounds.  Check out their guided calm and timer features for a truly blissful break.