1. Another reason to smile…especially when you’re feeling stressed!


  2. Love these positivity bees! This ones for all of the busy bees out there who need a boost!

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  3. A sense of humour is a sense of proportion

    Khalil Gibran

    How does humor help to make the days a little brighter for you?


  4. Just in time for all of the staff, advocates, preventionists, and researchers getting ready to attend #NSAC2014 in Pittsburgh!


  5. A blog by 4 young people who just want to share a simple message: “the world is yours to smile at.”


  6. Dan Gilbert: The Surprising Science of Happiness



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    What do you do #likeagirl that you are proud of?

    Let’s re-define #likeagirl to be a source of confidence!

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  9. Wise words!

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